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The project aims at fighting disinformation and false beliefs while promoting critical and scientific reasoning for a general improvement of the EU society. With the old-but-gold Lisbon goal of a strong knowledge-based economy in mind, the consortium aims at developing and validating Critical Thinking-based curricula for HE and AE in 6 EU countries – Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Romania – with a view to scaling-up the process of adoption to the whole EU.

Via a cross-contamination between modern Critical Thinking programmes, coming from English-speaking countries, and the philosophical tradition of dialogue introduced by Socrates, an innovative, enriched and multidisciplinary form of education is shaped.
After a preliminary research phase, aimed at analyzing the state-of-the-art of Critical Thinking teaching in Europe, a key design phase will define learning outcomes, learning units and correspondent assessment tools for undergraduates and graduates in Soft Sciences, on one hand, and adult learners attending a different kind of programmes, on the other hand.
A rigorous experimentation plan will test the effectiveness and soundness of the curricula on large cohorts of learners, before validating and disseminating officially the results.
The ultimate goal of Δ-project is “to make the delta”, i.e. to make the difference between the current, widespread, superficial, a-critical thinking about big and little issues, and a deeper, more complex and productive style of reasoning, able to generate new ideas, resolving conflicts, enriching the involved perspectives and deliver innovation for the benefit of the whole community.


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Multiplier Event

May 30th, 2022|


Training week

January 25th, 2021|

Material for training week lessons MODULE Slides MODULE 1 Slides MODULE 2 Slides MODULE [...]

Conspiracy News #45.2020

November 10th, 2020|Tags: |

L’actu de la semaine décryptée par Conspiracy Watch (semaine du 02/11/2020 au 08/11/2020). « DEUX POIDS, DEUX MESURES ». Le 28 octobre dernier, l’ayatollah Khamenei, dont le régime a institué le négationnisme en politique ...


October 10th, 2020|Tags: |

WeVerify’s aim is to address the advanced content verification challenges through a participatory verification approach, open source algorithms, low-overhead human-in-the-loop machine learning and intuitive visualizations...


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